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Follow Your Bliss… BUT HOW?!

You know what makes you happy but you keep on being dragged away by duties and commitments.

You might be saying ‘that’s life’, but deep down inside you know it’s absolutely not the full truth.

You know what thrills you but you feel it’s out of your league, or that you’re miles away from achieving it.

How the hell can you garner the confidence to stick with the things that make you feel you excited?

You’ve heard this abstruse saying ‘follow your bliss’ before.

It rings true.

You know in your guts it’s true.

But, how to beget this bliss

you’re not entirely sure.

Yet you try.

You’ve tried

to just be yourself

because this is your true bliss,

but it turned out

that others didn’t really approve of it

and it was so damn hard to keep pretending

that you’re enjoying life

when you’re doing what you love, but you’re poor.

What you want has brought you

some lovely dreams,

an excitement shot with worry,

spiced with shame.

You’re compelled by it, but also feel afraid.

This whole thing begins to feel

confusing and too much.

You’re not sure anymore

but you give it another try.

This time, it’s a pile of self-help

books by your bed. Miracles,

manifesting, chakra clearing,

energy leak plumbing, speaking with

angels…. And it still doesn’t happen.

What you want stays on your vision board

like a reminder of a failure

or the very delusion the Buddhists

have warned you against.

Ok. Back to the beginning.

Follow your bliss,

But how?!

This time,

just because you’re so tired

of endless efforts

to be good, to be enough, to feel enough,

you bow your head down

and start all over again

in the simplest manner you can,

and nothing