There's More Than One Way To Wake Up

Each time you fall and realise this too is part of the web of life - you wake up. Each time you choose the curious way rather than the easy (or finely rehearsed) way - you wake up. Each time you tell the story of your past with different words and a fresh voice - you wake up. Each time you let a new hope a way into you heart, let a new vision into your heart, let a stranger into your heart - you wake up. Each time you remember what you knew about life but simply forgot, feed it with new energy, embody it in a new style - you wake up. Each time you allow sadness, anger or disappointment some space - you wake up. Each time you come closer to the envelope of your fears - you wake

Something For The Contracted heart (&The INNER Art Of Letting-Go)

Go to the edge of the most Contracted place in your heart. The same edge you feel you really can't let-go. A (just) anger on a former lover; A continued frustration that things don’t move on; An extra glass of coffee/wine you just know won’t make you shine; Repetitive thoughts on how your life could have been different, Should have been different, You could have been different. The deep pain others left behind when you didn’t get a worthy love, The scars childhood abandonment left you with to smoothen over and over with lavender balms. And there, right there, at the most tight, contracted, gripping place, Close your fist a bit more, Go inside the bitterness of anger in

From Piece to Piece

More than anything, to live an authentic life Is to move from moment to moment, from gift To gift, from seed to blossom, From lips to kiss. As if death is not waiting Around the corner, and the days that past Cast no shadow On a present Breath. So that the missing piece Kindles the seen piece, And the voiced piece Leans on The unknown Piece, Or the one that hasn’t come yet, Or the one that fell for lack of hope.

The Shadow Work That Frees You To See Some Light

Sometimes all that’s left is to face the fact we’ll never receive the love we yearn for from the people we care about. Sometimes all that’s left is to agree to love those our heart wants to love though it hurts to know they can’t love us back. Sometimes all that’s left is to let that person you crave their approval die so you can be free to see life beyond the shadows. The grief will be real. It will be strong and powerful and perhaps even devastating to the point that something will fall apart. And the only thing that can fall apart or break is not you. You can never really break. The fragile bough you hang on thinking it gives you safety and stability will break. And when it does it will s

The Great Question of Love

For most of us Love lives as a question. If you tune in for a moment and think about Love you’ll see/hear it as: How can I find love? Why am I not feeling loved? Am I worthy of love? Does s/he love me or not? What is love? Am I going to lose that love? How can I love when my heart is broken? is there unconditional love? Could love be simpler? ….. Love, the one with capital L, was never an answer. Love has to be a question. If we know that we are Love then we know that we are a question, an eternal process of unfolding. At the gates of the unknown everything you thought you knew falls apart. Everything that held you in one place starts to move. Fast. Everything that was in motion fin

Bless Your Limitation

Bless your limiting places for they are the shore of your oceanic spirit. Your workplace, your house, your city, are the rooms for your spirit to grow beyond. Then, no walls will ever fit again around your human soul. Bless your personal limitations for they are the stars shining in your infinite heart. Your habits, negative loops, childhood patterns, the limitations of the body are glimmering pointers for your true north. Then, you will never lose your inner compass and the pathways you chose will be an emblem of your eternity. Bless the limiting conditions of your life for they are mountains crowning the valley of your heart. Lack of money, limited options, limited time

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