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Something For The Contracted heart (&The INNER Art Of Letting-Go)

Go to the edge of the most Contracted place in your heart. The same edge you feel you really can't let-go. A (just) anger on a former lover; A continued frustration that things don’t move on; An extra glass of coffee/wine you just know won’t make you shine; Repetitive thoughts on how your life could have been different, Should have been different, You could have been different. The deep pain others left behind when you didn’t get a worthy love, The scars childhood abandonment left you with to smoothen over and over with lavender balms. And there, right there, at the most tight, contracted, gripping place, Close your fist a bit more, Go inside the bitterness of anger inside the sickness of betrayal, inside the coldness of loneliness, inside the acidic juice of frustration, inside the air bubbles of unfulfilled dreams

- and open your fist. Just like that. Let go.

The hand will feel the blood flowing And will want to contract again And you’ll let go again. And it’ll want to shrink again And you’ll let go again. And it will feel empty And you’ll let go again. And it’ll habitually close down again. And you’ll let go again. Because letting go is not just a passing-by fresh wind in a stuffy hot day But a roses garden You come back to again and again When the heart needs a space to remember That the journey to the contracted space And the journey to the spacious space Lives in the same hand. The life that you want And the life that are not yet here Live in the same breath.

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