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The Great Question of Love

For most of us Love lives as a question. If you tune in for a moment and think about Love you’ll see/hear it as: How can I find love? Why am I not feeling loved? Am I worthy of love? Does s/he love me or not? What is love? Am I going to lose that love? How can I love when my heart is broken? is there unconditional love? Could love be simpler? ….. Love, the one with capital L, was never an answer. Love has to be a question. If we know that we are Love then we know that we are a question, an eternal process of unfolding. At the gates of the unknown everything you thought you knew falls apart. Everything that held you in one place starts to move. Fast. Everything that was in motion finds the centre of stillness. At the gates of the unknown there is Love that is greater than a feeling. It embraces you whole, it takes you in without questions, it helps you see that what you really want is not the answers but to ask the greatest questions of all. I want to talk to you about Love. I want us to ask it together. I want to be a question, for you to be a question, a question that is dared to be asked.

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