No One Knows

No one knows how many times we've learnt to die before learning to live. No one knows how many ways we've learnt to die before learning how to come back to life. No one knows how many journeys you took in losing hope in despair in neglect in feeling the deep pain And what it took for you to come back from the dead. To come back from the story and make it a prayer. It is you who knows What the story tells you about your life, How your story is being told as a prayer, you who are proud. It is you who can sing it out loud. It is you who can bring it out to the world. You see the beggars in the streets? They don't stretch their hand for your money They ask with their eyes for your strength. Th

Magic and Miracles

I’ve come to prefer magic to miracles. Miracles sound like an experience that “shouldn’t have happened”. Some oddly or saintly intervention that leaves you out of the picture, it is doing it for you but without you. Maybe it was something we’re not really worthy of it, and it happened anyway. In magic there’s breaking of the rules, the rules of logic, the rules of research and common knowledge, the unspoken rules of what’s expected from you. So I prefer making magic than having miracles. Not that I would refuse a miracle if one happened to me, but I’d rather be working with natural forces and in the process discover what I’m capable of, maybe a new talent I didn’t know I have within me. Mayb

Where is This Relationship Going?

How many hours have I spent thinking about what other people will think about […]? How many nights have I spent thinking that I haven't done enough or I should get better in ... ? How many minutes have I spent thinking about what I want to be, who I want to be, where I want to be? How many conversations have I spent feeling I'm not smart enough? How many days have I spent fearing I made a wrong decision, or thinking I don't know how to make the right decision, or fearing it'll be too late by the time I make a decision? How many writings and poems and paintings have I spent time criticising and judging? Do see where this relationship is going? Nowhere. Yes, you'll meet people, make new friend

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