No One Knows

No one knows how many times

we've learnt to die

before learning to live.

No one knows how many ways we've learnt to die before learning how to come back to life.

No one knows how many journeys you took

in losing hope

in despair

in neglect

in feeling the deep pain

And what it took for you to come back

from the dead.

To come back from the story and make it

a prayer.

It is you

who knows

What the story tells you about your life,

How your story is being told as a prayer,

you who are proud.

It is you who can sing it

out loud.

It is you who can bring it out

to the world.

You see the beggars in the streets?

They don't stretch their hand for your money

They ask with their eyes

for your strength.

They beg for your story to be heard

because there's no one story

that is too small

or too short

or too ….

No one knows better than you

what to tell them

so they can take the journey

back from the dead to be

fully alive.

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