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The Traps We Fall For on Our Way to Our Truth

When you start believing in yourself - you start slowing down.

You know that what you’ll get in this life is not just thanks to hard earned blooded and sweated for results.

You wake up to all the lies floating around that make you feel small, insignificant and in awe for all those out there who “got it” or “made it” better than you.

You slow down. You make some space. You let go. You lean back. You start to FEEL.

There are no 5 or 3 steps to believing in yourself. No hacks, no secret formulas, no “better version” of yourself.

There is only YOU.

A resonance with something that your heart opens up to without thinking. The time you take for a sacred break. The openings to what seems familiar but was never allowed to simply embraced and sink in. Like a mush of moist autumn leaves crowning your growing body of light.

The biggest trap is that there’s an expert, a guru, a “knower”, who will tell you what to do to be happy, to be successful, to be able to finally believe in yourself. There is only YOU.

Listen to your life and, embrace the tunes, the melody, the rhythm, and you won’t fall for any traps on the way to your truth.

* You know I have planned to give a Life in Embrace Retreat in Portugal in May. After my loss in February I had to embrace my new life and dance accordingly.... Thanks to the kind and generous invitation from Michael and Ilka from Pauenhof in Germany I am happy to say I WILL offer this retreat only in Germany and in July. This retreat is an amazing opportunity to step back from any trans or loops you're caught in in your daily life and spend 6 magical days in opening up to something bigger and awake in your life. I'm looking forward to embrace life together with you.

A big embracing Love

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