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To be Strong

To be strong is to be soft and open.

To be strong is to trust.

To be strong is to know how to stand in the middle. Not leaning too much forward. Not leaning too much backwards. Stay grounded in the centre open and alive.

To be strong it to choose not to dim your light.

Life will always break you open in ways you've never dreamt or wished possible. You should say YES to following the pathways leading o your edges, and witness what’s laying beyond.

To be strong is to say no to fear. Even if it means you're going to loose your partner. Even if it means you’re going to loose your job. Even if your neighbours say you're strange and your friends don’t understand what does this summer cloud want to say.

To be strong is to be willing to fall in love and to be open to fall out of love with someone.

To be strong is the freedom to say what needs to be said knowing that what is yours can never be taken away from you. Striving for perfection has a high price.

The key to unlocking your strength and trust in life is in letting go of what makes you bleed, announcing the names of all the beautiful qualities you know you have.

To be strong is to be free from the need to stay strong.

To be strong is to BE.

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