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The Good, the Bad and the Interdependent

It always fascinates me how during the course of one week of work there will be almost always one dominant thread that comes up in one way or another through all my one-to-one sessions. There couldn’t be a more beautiful and lively example of interdependence.

Interdependence defies the good and the bad - we all spring out of the same web of life.

Stepping out of the limiting and contracting search for symmetry in life -

spirit & matter ;

man & woman ;

artist & physician ;

Builder & dreamer

- is to step into the web of interdependence, the hub where life is humming and buzzing and gushing with exciting engagements.

Balance, that popular buzzword, is a painfully unachievable goal for the things we look to place in balance. Even a swing in the playground is connected through the axis in a way that brings the two seats into interdependent play.

Next time you struggle to give space to difficult feelings, you aim to be ‘positive’, you feel stuck or are concerned that you don’t know what your next step/direction/vision is, then instead of looking for “the other side of your experience”, the point of symmetry….

Look for the door that will lead you into the interdependent web of life.

Photogrpahy by Katerina Plotnikova

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