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Finding a voice in the world. Pain and the relationship with spiritual warriors

When the pain speaks we need to give it some room. When the pain speaks we need to let it deliver its message.

Only we’re shadowed by the fear that the pain will consume us, will define us, will wipe from the face of the earth all the courageous moments we have demonstrated. Mostly we’re afraid it will flush out the doubt that have we in ourselves.

Pain holds some promise for us. It may not be the promise we looked for but it might just be what we need.

Pain asks us for a good amount of honesty. Honesty entering through the door of pain comes with humility, groundedness, with a tender yet powerful heart. It shows us mysterious landscapes that are not found in the familiar maps.These are the landscapes of our personal voice, our intuition, out style, our genius, our brightest wellspring of light.

Do we have to cross through the fields of pain to reach all these gems? I would like to say no, but the answer is - yes.

It use to be the tool of artists to induce creativity and invoke inspiration. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the thresholds that we cross every day - When we are not listened to; When we say something unkind to another or are not present when needed; When our hopes and expectations are not fulfilled; When your child is asking for more attention but you are tired from a long working day…..

Pain is the speaker for all the shreds of life that don’t have a space.

So why don’t we give them space so they can find belonging and meaning?!

So many of us are searching for meaning, for channels of self-expression, for the personal mark and signature. I will not say it starts with pain because it’s not that dramatic. I will not say it ends with pain because who am I to cut the umbilical cord of infinity and point to a beginning OR an end.

But I do say that the ability to speak through and for the messages of pain is the ability to be that spiritual warrior that is keen to find peace between their personal unique voice and the world’s movements and needs.

Shelly Sharon on finding your own voice

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