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To Feel Everything is to Heal Everything: Energy Flow Forecast for Cancer New Moon

How do we nourish our needs?

Sensitivity is going up.

The waters are rising and rising.

Broken records play a familiar tune.

The motherly love serves you a hot cup of tea and freshly made home made cookie

Flowers spread all around to create a personal and sensitive feeling.

The soul-question offered for us in this new moon in Cancer asks us to echo back to the womb. That place where 'needs' are not considered an "unenlightened" word, a place where listening and nourishment are the only way to create life. And not violence.

Because violence rises when we avoid our needs. We seal them in a concrete bunker, pretending there is something else more important. And then, we embark on a spiritual journey to search for some meaning...

Living in a better world is being in a compassionate listening to that which happened inside me right now. Without judgment, sorting and preparing that which is considered worthy or not, that which is considered enlightened or not.

The framework for freedom is that there are no recipes. Any thought about freedom that starts from a recipe, whether it was written by God herself, the Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad Ali or Jamie Oliver....replicas frame an idea, programme a result.

And the feeling. The feeling.

You cannot programme the feeling. Feeling can be felt.

Feeling is a sacred source of information.

Feeling is a source for communication.

Feeling is a door for transformation

Of any pain we experience as a society

That has neglected the wind of its earth,

That treats people as commodities.

Freedom has no recipes. Because freedom cannot be conditioned. In nothing.

The freedom to feel, the freedom to listen to feelings,

The freedom to connect with the womb of the universe

And receive with love

It's the energy of this new moon cycle.

The Cancer ensures you'll be comfortable, that the house will be organised just as you like it,

That a pink bouquet of flowers will decorate the table

That a glorious meal will be served.

The Cancer cannot not feel and so do we enter this water pool filled with feelings

That invite us to let the answer float -

How do we nourish our needs?

Any spiritual journey, any self-knowing accompanied by awareness of our nutrition.

Junk food can satisfy for a moment but puncture your nutrition.

What are we feeding our eyes, ears, hands, mouth, heart with?

We have a loop that repeats itself, some repeating song that comes out of our mouth,

A story replaying itself in our heads, an ambition projecting itself over and over.

The new moon in Cancer brings with it persistence on a specific point

On a message we need to understand. Through it depth. Here and now. In a caring loving approach. Such that only the Cancerian mother knows how to bring. She is my mother, your mother, the mother of herself, the mother of earth.

In this broken record we have a potential for drama, an eruption, because the Cancer takes everything personally. If you can keep the Cancerian waters sensitive but transparent and flexible you can create a heart communication. A healing communication. Because healing is the synonymous name of the cancer. Of this new moon.

To heal any pain with loving

To melt any disappointment with self acceptance

To unite any fragment with unconditional freedom.

Happy new moon

And happy birthday to all Cancers around the world

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