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New Lunar Cycle - Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an enthusiast who likes to act in the wide landscapes of philosophy, education, beliefs and the contemplation of the mind.

This available energy in this new cycle gives us Sadg's trademark confidence, the ability to see the vision, to inquire into our moral codes and our wider beliefs.

The new moon at Sagittarius welcomes us with the presence of Saturn, the master builder and founder of foundations. Saturn is the most serious planet. He always invites us to grow up, to get over things, to mature, to commit, to build something real and sustainable.

The soul-question I present for this cycle is:

What is the humaneffort I'm committed to?

Saturn invites us to make the right effort and to build. But what do we build with Sagittarius?

We build a committed vision, we build genuine educational values, we build belief spaces that are not nourished by artificial institutions, but are rather anchored in the commitment to listen to the heart.

For far too long effort was attached to external circumstances rather than to the heart. The effort to go within demands from most - courage.

Each of us has a mission in life and we need to make an effort to understand it, to feel it, to embody it, to manifest it. All that demands the courage to go within.

So instead of climbing the mountains of unfulfilling work, carving through the rocks of unfitting relationships, we make an effort to stay with love.

The effort now is to allow ourselves to simply flower and release the fragrance of the individual's authenticity into the air. Because when we create we offer our beauty to the world. Effort is going through a conceptual transformation. It will transcend the manipulation, lies, deceit and heartbreak resulting from commitment to the external ideas of "you must", rather than committing to one precious thing that you have - your heart.

We were called to embark on a new spiritual journey, to experience spiritual experiences that will reward the collective tree with our seed of creation. Sagittarius' available energy brings us the energised rhythm for an effort fed by love.

Have you ever had an effort that tasted of more?!

An effort fed by release rather then rejection.

An effort fed by freedom rather then burned out structures and rules.

Many of the themes of this new cycle will be with us for most of 2016. They will teach us, they will guide us, they will support us in this birth of a new humanity.

The deep drive (Mars) to go beyond the familiar and the known and invent ourselves anew (Uranus).

Building the golden gate (Saturn) through which we'll express our cosmic creativity and imagination (Neptune).

The need to find practical and daily punctualities to expand our consciousness and internal abundance (Jupiter in Virgo).

The new moon in Sagittarius symbolises the birth of a new humanity.

What is the human effort you're committed to?!

Don't be hasty to respond. Give it time. Give it space. Give it your love.

A flower doesn't care if the whole field is burnt and absorbed with patterns of victimisation.

Be A flower, let your beauty do the rest!

The seed you'll plant this cycle will impregnate Saturn, who in turn will faithfully give birth to a healthy creation.

Happy miraculous new moon.

Feel like performing your miracles and manifestation in 2016?! Get your personal guidance for the year ahead.

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