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(*This channelling refers to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, whereas Crown (Keter) is the highest point (Sephira), and Kingdom (Malchut) is the lowest point in the diagram)

It was a night where the skies were seeded with stars. In those days, when the moon had been extinguished and the sun had disappeared, the stars were shown in the fullness of strength with no interference. As if the cosmic father and mother were shining magical light behind the scenes allowing their children to be mischievously free in the infinite spaces.

This night was the men’s night. It might be even said that it was actually the women’s night since they had stayed in the spaces of the tribe’s dwelling celebrating all night with the children. While the men were away spending the night between the stars, the women gathered all the children and told them all night sky-stories. Such has been the tradition at each new moon. When darkness came on earth, the women and men celebrated their origins: a human being made of stardust.

Star Agreement

Attention is the torch lit in the darkness, and suddenly there’s only a memory of the light.

Agreement is beyond attention. Agreement lies in the field of unified polarity. It is not a belief, not a value, nor even Knowing. It is being. It is ‘there is’. It is not positive affirmation, it is simply ‘there is’. Once again, agreement is the most important component. Agreement is a communication channel between different dimensions. It is mediating between conscious consciousness and not-known consciousness. Agreement creates an opening, a gate, a potential, as you would call it. When the Anunakis** used your dimension, there was no agreement. Hence your dimension has been sealed. The guardians of your dimension protected your evolvement by closing down information channels, thus you were left to Know yourselves from within yourselves!

Sit quietly for a moment and ask your heart - what are you in agreement with? What is living with agreement? Do this honestly and vigorously and you might discover, at least for yourself, what are the things in life you live in agreement with.

The Seed of Agreement

You tend to confuse between agreement and completion, or giving up. You get used to something that does not match your heartbeat. And all due to what? Because you were afraid there’s no other way. Because you were seeded with the fear that there’s no other way instead of being seeded with star-stories that connect you to infinite possible spaces. If your leaders had lived with agreement to peace, you would have had peace on planet Earth. But they live with agreement to prestige, status and power.

If you had lived with agreement to love, there would have been love all over planet Earth. But those who live with “I deserve!”, “I need” and “I want”, live with agreement to separation and division. Beloved, you are worthy of all that you wish for. And so, if your spirit wants to manifest peace and love on earth, you will live within peace and love, even when the whole world around you lives in chaos. Isn’t it so? And we can see the sparkling eyes and nodding heads here.

If so, agreement creates an opening, a bridge, exposure of a potential towards the spaces of the “possible” and the “there is”. You are exposing the potential as the pomegranate’s seeds are exposed beneath the patronage of its shell (‘klipot’ is the shell in reference to the Tree of life). The shell is the envelope of denial and protection created by a wrongful and damaging education.

I am Serina. I have come here today to deliver these messages to you. And we have started with agreement because in order to allow the energy to penetrate through to a different dimension than the entanglement of your brain, an agreement is needed. In order to allow the energy to penetrate like stardust through the seeding-gates in your DNA and activate, awaken ancient knowledge – an agreement is needed!

Agreement is all the application you need for creating a beneficial action. In the message that was given to you for 2015 we spoke to you about the marriage of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine. And now, heading into your 2016, we would like to prepare you for the Crown-Kingdom-Wholeness. This is the preface.

Removing the Shells - The Diamond Crystal Children

Why were we talking to you so much about children in our last messages? There’s an important concept here we would like to expand and clarify.

You call the Earth “mother” and treat her with cruelty. Abandon her as if she was a bad mother to you. Fracking her and making her barren as if she was an unloving, un-nourishing mother. But in fact, Mother Earth is your child. For each dimension in the ten shells, the ten dimensions (these are equivalent to the ten Sephirot in Kabbala), there’s a guardian dimension. Each dimension guards the lower dimension. This is a linear description which is easy for you to understand. It doesn’t mean that the 2D, for example, has less value or less capacity than the 3D dimension.

This is a cooperation between two different species. Cooperation of Wholeness. Symbiosis between Self and Divine is the symbiosis you can find between 2D and 3D. And so, the Earth is your child, which you should nourish and cultivate, and which you should guard and protect from any harm and wrong-doing.

Shells are layers which you can remove. For a certain period of time the shells protect that which needs maturation, clarification, focus, and succinctness. The shells distinguish between inwards and outwards, and yet the whole is within one system. The shells provide protection as well as nourishment. One should not separate between the shell and the fruit and expect Wholeness.

If so, the shells (klipot) are of use to the human in distinguishing between the marginal and the essential in a process of exposure towards the Wholeness of creation. Humans must remove the shells in order to meet creation. This is the vulnerability and humility, the glory and majesty which resides in pure love. You are not born with shells. As you probably know, the newborn is soft. The newborn arrives to your world with an ancient knowledge which resides in his very young physical system, even though his system is not young at all. Those who can see the human aura are invited to devote time to the newborns arriving in this era.

The baby’s aura tells you about the shells (klipot), the energetic layers com