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(*This channelling refers to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, whereas Crown (Keter) is the highest point (Sephira), and Kingdom (Malchut) is the lowest point in the diagram)

It was a night where the skies were seeded with stars. In those days, when the moon had been extinguished and the sun had disappeared, the stars were shown in the fullness of strength with no interference. As if the cosmic father and mother were shining magical light behind the scenes allowing their children to be mischievously free in the infinite spaces.

This night was the men’s night. It might be even said that it was actually the women’s night since they had stayed in the spaces of the tribe’s dwelling celebrating all night with the children. While the men were away spending the night between the stars, the women gathered all the children and told them all night sky-stories. Such has been the tradition at each new moon. When darkness came on earth, the women and men celebrated their origins: a human being made of stardust.

Star Agreement

Attention is the torch lit in the darkness, and suddenly there’s only a memory of the light.

Agreement is beyond attention. Agreement lies in the field of unified polarity. It is not a belief, not a value, nor even Knowing. It is being. It is ‘there is’. It is not positive affirmation, it is simply ‘there is’. Once again, agreement is the most important component. Agreement is a communication channel between different dimensions. It is mediating between conscious consciousness and not-known consciousness. Agreement creates an opening, a gate, a potential, as you would call it. When the Anunakis** used your dimension, there was no agreement. Hence your dimension has been sealed. The guardians of your dimension protected your evolvement by closing down information channels, thus you were left to Know yourselves from within yourselves!

Sit quietly for a moment and ask your heart - what are you in agreement with? What is living with agreement? Do this honestly and vigorously and you might discover, at least for yourself, what are the things in life you live in agreement with.

The Seed of Agreement

You tend to confuse between agreement and completion, or giving up. You get used to something that does not match your heartbeat. And all due to what? Because you were afraid there’s no other way. Because you were seeded with the fear that there’s no other way instead of being seeded with star-stories that connect you to infinite possible spaces. If your leaders had lived with agreement to peace, you would have had peace on planet Earth. But they live with agreement to prestige, status and power.

If you had lived with agreement to love, there would have been love all over planet Earth. But those who live with “I deserve!”, “I need” and “I want”, live with agreement to separation and division. Beloved, you are worthy of all that you wish for. And so, if your spirit wants to manifest peace and love on earth, you will live within peace and love, even when the whole world around you lives in chaos. Isn’t it so? And we can see the sparkling eyes and nodding heads here.

If so, agreement creates an opening, a bridge, exposure of a potential towards the spaces of the “possible” and the “there is”. You are exposing the potential as the pomegranate’s seeds are exposed beneath the patronage of its shell (‘klipot’ is the shell in reference to the Tree of life). The shell is the envelope of denial and protection created by a wrongful and damaging education.

I am Serina. I have come here today to deliver these messages to you. And we have started with agreement because in order to allow the energy to penetrate through to a different dimension than the entanglement of your brain, an agreement is needed. In order to allow the energy to penetrate like stardust through the seeding-gates in your DNA and activate, awaken ancient knowledge – an agreement is needed!

Agreement is all the application you need for creating a beneficial action. In the message that was given to you for 2015 we spoke to you about the marriage of the sacred masculine and the sacred feminine. And now, heading into your 2016, we would like to prepare you for the Crown-Kingdom-Wholeness. This is the preface.

Removing the Shells - The Diamond Crystal Children

Why were we talking to you so much about children in our last messages? There’s an important concept here we would like to expand and clarify.

You call the Earth “mother” and treat her with cruelty. Abandon her as if she was a bad mother to you. Fracking her and making her barren as if she was an unloving, un-nourishing mother. But in fact, Mother Earth is your child. For each dimension in the ten shells, the ten dimensions (these are equivalent to the ten Sephirot in Kabbala), there’s a guardian dimension. Each dimension guards the lower dimension. This is a linear description which is easy for you to understand. It doesn’t mean that the 2D, for example, has less value or less capacity than the 3D dimension.

This is a cooperation between two different species. Cooperation of Wholeness. Symbiosis between Self and Divine is the symbiosis you can find between 2D and 3D. And so, the Earth is your child, which you should nourish and cultivate, and which you should guard and protect from any harm and wrong-doing.

Shells are layers which you can remove. For a certain period of time the shells protect that which needs maturation, clarification, focus, and succinctness. The shells distinguish between inwards and outwards, and yet the whole is within one system. The shells provide protection as well as nourishment. One should not separate between the shell and the fruit and expect Wholeness.

If so, the shells (klipot) are of use to the human in distinguishing between the marginal and the essential in a process of exposure towards the Wholeness of creation. Humans must remove the shells in order to meet creation. This is the vulnerability and humility, the glory and majesty which resides in pure love. You are not born with shells. As you probably know, the newborn is soft. The newborn arrives to your world with an ancient knowledge which resides in his very young physical system, even though his system is not young at all. Those who can see the human aura are invited to devote time to the newborns arriving in this era.

The baby’s aura tells you about the shells (klipot), the energetic layers comprising his being. Just as the various shells around the atom determine the chemical composition the atom will embody! The shells around the seed of the atom embodying various qualities, expressing the various properties. The baby, young in years and powerful in his energy field, arrives to planet Earth with an exposed system. A creation system that allows revelation and embodiment of vulnerability. This is the beauty you see in babies, whether human or animal. The beauty is derived from the vulnerability! From a shell-less being, which is open to receive, open to love. Whereas without love the development of this soft system will be damaged and even stopped. Because love is the highest nutrition, and this factor does not change throughout your whole life.

The Diamond Crystal Babies - A New Energy System

The baby soft in years, soft as a slug without a shell, receives messages from its surroundings. Both spirit messages and human messages. Those messages are absorbed into the baby’s system like water into a sponge - without delay, flowingly. You probably know that in the soft newborn’s first years the receiving is absorbed straight into what you would call the unconscious. Messages and information from this world and other worlds living side by side in the unconscious. This is why the baby is capable of producing various gestures, preferences, reactions, behaviours, which leave you stunned, so that you say: “Where did he learn that from?”, “How does she know that?”.

The baby is a young being in physical outline, but a mature being in energetic outline, and because you don’t yet have a way to translate the human years to energy (those who know how to work with Merkaba can get direct information from this geometric outline), we encourage you to drop your insistence to understand things from the head, to increase joy, increase love, and by that to create an agreement which will be the magic word for the heart to open and activate the DNA.

Did you ask yourself why it is that the baby arrives with such an exposed system, so open and vulnerable, a system without shells?

Just as the shells of an atom change the composition and character of the seed, so it is with you, beloved. The baby inhabits the messages and information from its surroundings, and at the appropriate age starts composing the personal composition which activates his mission on planet Earth. Note that the appropriate age is not defined by the time the unconscious and the conscious solidify, but according to the individual’s soul-maturity.

You cannot act within the norms if you don’t know them. You cannot act within customs if you don’t understand them. When an electronic device is plugged into a higher voltage than it can receive, what happens? There’s a short-circuit. Your energetic system operates on the same basic idea, and this is why a preparation of the human frequency was needed. However, since humanity has prepared itself for that, the diamond crystal babies are those who are born and stay without shells!

The spiritual information is activated among the diamond crystal babies with a strength that is capable of connecting with higher frequencies in a flowing and solid manner, and does not need the shells anymore. Thus you see more and more children presenting behaviours of benevolence at a very young age. From a very early age, these children bring unconditional love and a clear stance to protect Mother Earth. Their diamond shines regardless.

These children demonstrate as a matter of fact that inside the sacred circle of worldliness, “as below so above”. Your children, but also your parents. Mother Earth is your mother, but also your child. This concept defies the perception you have so far held on duality. Do you see now the existing wholeness in the sacred circle of “below and above”?

8-1-8-1 As Below So Above

In the age of the Crown-Kingdom-Wholeness, fewer and fewer shells will be needed, and even identity will be shed. In what way is identity needed by the human who embodies the field of unified polarity? How will it serve him?

Your mission in the age of Crown-Kingdom-Wholeness is to shed more and more shells and to expose the seed. Your heart knows how to understand Wholeness and contain Wholeness, this is why we are directing you repeatedly to open the heart and assist in removing the shells in the sacred circle of Earth-Heart-Crown vibration.

In the Tree of Life in the Kabbala you see the photon-belt passing through its centre like a spinal column. At its head a crown like the pomegranate’s crown, like the aura’s crown. And the kingdom belongs to the one who knows how to concentrate the energy in its majestic form in the human body. The Kingdom was not for glorious dresses and velvet decorated gowns. The Kingdom is the embodiment of the photon-belt in the human body with its natural crown.

When you place a golden crown on your heads, you have lowered the strength of your aura. The natural strength is mediated by matter and by what matter represents to you.

The Photon Light Belt - Transcending The Tree of Life

If so, the spinal cord of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life connects between worlds. This is The Crown of the Kingdom (Keter-Malchut). Crown-Glory-Foundation-Kingdom (Keter-Tiferet-Yesod-Malchut) is a double vibration of 8-1 (in geometry this sequence is congruent with 8-1-8-1). These are completing circles of the frequency of 9. And so you have been told, “as above so below”.

For something to manifest, it has to pass through the light channel in its abstract and intangible form to its material form. Since you are made of water you might be able to understand the following example: water turns into gas, water turns into ice, ice turns into gas, gas turns into water and so on… the truth stays and only the appearance changes. Since mainly water runs in your body you are used to and embody those alchemical processes consciously or unconsciously. Thus when you are in agreement with words of derision towards those who are not from your tribe, those with a different skin-colour, those who carry a different opinion from yours, you are in agreement with conflict. When you are peaceful with your truth alongside the truth of another, you are in agreement with peace.

Pay attention to that which has survived through all eras and cultures. Your knowledge changes, your beliefs, doctrines, paradigms, dogmas change. Examine your history in a spiral manner, not linear, and sense the greater picture. What is it that hasn’t changed from the messages of Buddha, Jesus, the Kabbalists, the Mayans?

The Heart! The Glory (Tiferet) of the Heart. Feeling is still the centre of human life. Feeling is still the immediate unmediated evidence of the personal experience and the personal knowledge. Each teacher, baby, neighbour – each person can feel. You take feeling for granted, dear Masters. Feeling is the praying harp of the Heart, the cosmic orgasm of creation.

The Glory of the Heart (Tiferet)

The Glory of the Heart (Tiferet) is the centre of the photon light belt, it is the belt that awakens the frequency of love within you, activates the DNA, reminds you of the forgotten stardust. Glory (Tiferet – 1 in geometry) resides at the centre of the spinal belt of the Tree of Life (Sephira 6), and constitutes the heart of the hearts of the unified polarity field. The third dimension is guided by the 6D and guarded by the Sirius constellation, the origin of the lion’s heart.

The Glory of the Heart is the echo of creation creating the practical foundations, earthly foundations for the Human Kingdom. Dear great masters, don’t hide the Glory of the Heart, whether it’s disappointed, aching, happy or loving, hiding the vibration of the heart is denying the foundations of the Kingdom. Hiding the frequency of love is denying the Foundations of the Kingdom. It is avoiding experiencing the Wholeness, the Wholeness of the Kingdom’s Crown.

The foundation of Earth resides within you, the foundation of the stars resides within you, and the Heart is the message, the translator; it is both the activator and the performer. When you feel a feeling passing through you, you are allowing other dimensions to communicate with you.

Confusion, Forgetfulness and Fear - Sign for the coming Crown-Kingdom-Wholeness

We are not trying to confuse you, only the paradigm you live in confuses you. It is going through change, re-synchronisation. Since you are so deeply embedded and hidden within that paradigm, you experience confusion. Out of confusion forgetfulness arises, fear arises, and issues you thought you had already dealt with or worked on; or you have indeed exhausted them, yet here they are arising again, because they’re leaving the existing paradigm, evaporating away from the water-body that you are.

The fear, confusion and forgetfulness which some of you are expected to experience in this period carries a different quality, different tones from the fear, confusion and forgetfulness you carry from past experiences. These are signs of the rearrangement of the paradigm, the geomantic rearrangement and renewed biological rearrangement!

You are losing identity, and this brings confusion, because this is what the popular and common institutions of your life gave you – the religious, educational, social, political and state institutions. You have no need for identity in the higher dimension. It is a confusing Knowing, isn’t it? You find it difficult to imagine a life without “identity”. Life which is not dependent on identity, does not rely on it.

Your biological system rearranges itself to a composition without shells, and so the seed is exposed and it has no need for identity, since is it already containing Wholeness!

Alchemy of the Sacred Circle

The secrets, the hidden power and the codes are exposed in the process of alchemy. In the alchemical process the codes are not a list of dos and don’ts: rather they are exposed and revealed. In the alchemical process the fear, confusion and forgetfulness are elevated. Agree to cooperate. We are sharing this information with you now so you can release the panic of “here we are going backwards again to the same patterns or beliefs or fears that have visited us in the past!” Gather the concentration and focus in understanding and in alchemy. And once you have finished, you are left with the knowledge of Wholeness. You are left with processed information, transcendent information that the heart knows how to understand and contain!

Thus the preface is the preparation of the heart for shedding its shell for the human who desires the process of alchemy, and has trained his heart for this alchemical process, since the heart knows how to perform the transformation of the unique and abstract energy – feeling – to a purer and cleaner consciousness. To glory. To the golden spark. The golden age.

Removing the shells from the heart means to purify the personal light channel which will impact all people and all extinct animals. The purification ecstasy is removing the shells down to the seed, and this is also an energy supporting extinct animals.

Due to the fractal component of Wholeness, each and every one of you matters, and each change you take in attitude towards life impacts the whole universe. One cleans and purifies past memories and purifies the elements and beloved Gaia; another transcends to a healthy body consciousness and purifies air pollution and poverty in the world; another transcends consciousness of sexuality and promotes the field of unified polarity, and so on. Be pioneers, because these are the first years of Crown-Kindgom-Wholeness. A third year in the Aquarius Age, the Leo Age, the Golden Age.

The Crown-Kingdom does not require you to believe. The Crown-Kingdom is Wholeness, and Wholeness is Knowing. A Knowing which comes from internal authority. Internal authority grows naturally for those who bring themselves out of belief and trust in the universe to the border between the known and the unknown, between the understood and not-understood.

Consciousness knows everything! Consciousness knows your fears, your hopes and your meaning. The mind is the limited one in understanding this “everything”. This is why you need a heart. The heart knows how to understand an idea, knows how to relate to abstraction. It is indeed the home space of the abstraction of Love. Love knows how to meet everything. Fear hides from the unknown and the unfamiliar. All messengers of light who wish for an elevated humanity, new humanity, walk in trust and confidence towards the merging border of Crown-Kingdom-Wholeness.

Meditation for Activating the Sacred Circle

Sit with some contact with the ground, preferably with earth - whether in lotus position or on a chair, make sure your feet touch the earth.

Take few deep breaths to the heart and relax your thoughts.

Focus all your attention around the movement of the heart.

Pay attention to what feelings are floating in and around the heart. What kind of sensations.

And when the thoughts have relaxed, allow your attention to travel like a shining lightning bolt on the earth.

See or imagine the movement of the lightning bolt rise up in an arch back to the heart.

See or imagine the arch go up to the crown vortex in your head.

Allow the arch of the lightening bolt to go down to the heart,

and from the heart to the earth, from the earth to the heart, from the heart to the crown and from the crown to the heart, and so on.

Be with this circular movement until you no longer need to accompany it, but it moves by itself.

Bring your attention to the third-eye vortex and allow the gate to Wholeness open up.


And thus it was told:

We don’t need values - we have Truth (Crown-Keter)

We don’t need opinions - we have Beauty (Glory - Tiferet)

We don’t need beliefs -we have Love (Kingdom-Malchut)

You are not meant to understand these things because you need to let them meet with the heart which will perform alchemy, and remember the knowing.

As above so below and thus shall be with you.

** The Anunaki came from the Nibiru planet in the Sirius constellation. They conducted far-reaching changes within the DNA of humans which eventually led to the creation of the fear-vibration on planet Earth.

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