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Discover your True Self Meditation

Peeling away excess layers - DISCOVERING YOUR TRUE Self

Find a comfortable position. Drop the shoulders, the back of you neck, the hips.

Drop tension in the lower back, drop tension behind the knees, from behind the ankles.

These are all metaphorical JUNCTIONS in our life's road, your life's map.

They carry a lot of tension since you were forced at some point to choose a direction which was not aligned with YOU.

Once again - DROP the TENSION from behind the SHOULDERS. All the tension accumulated behind the scapula. You can really see all the tension behind the shoulders, and you scrape away the colours which were painted on your shoulders like a painting on a wall.

If you can, identify spontaneously the colour you are peeling off your shoulder blades.

Move on to the back of the neck. You DROP all TENSION through peeling away all that was attached and laid all across the BACK OF THE NECK. You are really scraping the colour that was dying that wall. Once again pay attention to whatever colour that comes up.

Maybe this time it's a different colour

You may be feeling more EXPOSED. Like standing in an open field and the breeze caressing the back of your neck. That small spot in your body, as in your life's map, suddenly somehow feels more exposed.

Whatever being exposed means to you.

Mindfully you're moving your attention to the HIPS and LOWER BACK area. RELEASING all TENSION. Peeling away everything that was attached there. Taking i