What Courage Is

Courage is: opening to what you’d instinctively want to close down Courage is: allowing presence when you want to just shut down. Courage is: the risk to be different Courage is: daring to slow down or even stop Courage is: to stop complaining and do something about the change you wish to see Courage is: to dive to the depth of your pain Courage is: trusting that your life has great meaning Courage is: letting your people know what you need to feel supported Courage is: inhabiting your caring Courage is: offering the wisdom of your experience to the world Courage is rarely a heroic act towards an outside event. Courage is always an inner invitation to open up when

The nest In My heart

The cells of my body are a clean slate While the cells of my memory are heavy With last week’s event. Two lives carried in one body A sublime emblem Of my unborn child. The light of the full moon Is as staring and bright As the branches of my loss Make a nest in my heart. Tonight there are no birds to move around. Only the force of desire echos The stillness of winter. Then we know it’s not a metaphor It’s spring’s preface To life emerging with gentle and grace From the pit of emptiness. Does the moon cry when she’s empty And unknown in a dark sky? Tomorrow we shall not move faster Than the slowest part in us. Two lives carried in one breath A sublime emblem

How To Continue From Here

Sometime life is abruptly interrupted. By a great loss, dreadful news, a sudden unexpected change, a painful separation. Your life seems to not be yours at the moment. Whatever hijacked the continuity you knew before swept you away to a completely new territory. The spring is here with its fresh crispy air full of promises of new beginnings, but your heart is missing a beat. And you ask - what now? How to continue? Where do I go from here? First know that these are real questions that want to be respected. You might need to have some patience, to find a little inner space that can breath while these questions navigate to their own inner lead. Avoid any resistance to life’s invitation to sl

Open To That Shame

The lines of shame are small and narrow. They create an island inside life surrounding you in isolation. Open to that shame. Take a boat and sail to the big land. Where you get a sense of others who are just like you. Something was broken. Your trust, hopes or your context of belonging. Something was wounded. Your love, the sense that life had or your aspirations. Shame came in and tried simply to fix things. Glued the separate pieces no matter how. Get yourself back on your feet by leaving behind the question marks. Did you notice that shame always stands at the core of who you are, always pointing to these places that make you - you. It coloured these spots in black and white. So take your

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