You Are Not Wrong

It was never about the end or about being right It is always about a fresh beginning. Fresh like a new breath. Fresh as the morning dew on a grass making its way to no destination. You can never be wrong when you’re freshly alive. We always want to go back to how it was in simpler days, in the first time, but there’s no where to go back to, and actually nowhere to move forward to. To Embody a beginner’s mind is not an easy task. The sadness, disappointment, pressing new ideas, the relief of a letting-go. The inspiring images, the frightening images, images from the unknown. Voices of your mother telling you you’re not allowed to be happy, voices of your partner weighing down the feathers of

Dealing with Trust Issues

When trust is broken the earth is shaking. Your steps become hesitant, you meet the fragility of life. When trust is broken it's a time where the biggest questions are coming up. Questions that bring you back to life. WHO ARE YOU, WHAT'S THE MEANING OF LIFE, WHAT'S LEFT NOW THAT YOU CAN RELY ON. Let these questions fall through the dark cracks reach new ground you did not even know was around. Trust is not about a solid unbreakable promise, or getting exactly what you hope for. It's discovering what's already here, like discovering the breath. It is opening old wounds that were packaged a long time ago, and labeled 'trust issues' just because there was a hurt. Trust shows

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