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Dealing with Trust Issues

When trust is broken the earth is shaking. Your steps become hesitant, you meet the fragility of life. When trust is broken it's a time where the biggest questions are coming up. Questions that bring you back to life. WHO ARE YOU, WHAT'S THE MEANING OF LIFE, WHAT'S LEFT NOW THAT YOU CAN RELY ON. Let these questions fall through the dark cracks reach new ground you did not even know was around. Trust is not about a solid unbreakable promise, or getting exactly what you hope for. It's discovering what's already here, like discovering the breath. It is opening old wounds that were packaged a long time ago, and labeled 'trust issues' just because there was a hurt. Trust shows you how to turn to unattended wounds to wake up to what they taught you in life. I asked this question - do you have trust issues. I almost get the answer Yes. I was curious why is it that we so easily identify parts of ourselves as 'trust issues'?! My trust was broken many times. Each time I didn't meet my own promises to myself. When my mother left me alone at the middle of the night when I was 16. When I've discovered that a good friend of mine was not a good friend of mine any more. Each of these times a wound was created or opened up. And it's just the common thing to do to package is as a trust issue. Yes there is a wound. Yes trust was broken. Yes trust is a mirror of what and where we put our weight on. Shift your weight to the breath and witness how you're grounded in how things exactly right now. You don't need to have a leap of faith, or march with courage to your next step to gain trust. Trust is not something to be gained. It is a waking up to life. So now, my dear and loved friend, all that is left is to soften up. Put some lavander balm on the wounds go out to dance with the moon. Relax into the hurt and exhale the broken hopes. Wake up to what is here cherish the questions that are sincere. Wake up to know yourself as trust With infinit Love

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