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You Are Not Wrong

It was never about the end or about being right

It is always about a fresh beginning. Fresh like a new breath.

Fresh as the morning dew on a grass making its way to no destination.

You can never be wrong when you’re freshly alive.

We always want to go back to how it was in simpler days, in the first time,

but there’s no where to go back to, and actually nowhere to move forward to.

To Embody a beginner’s mind is not an easy task.

The sadness, disappointment, pressing new ideas, the relief of a letting-go.

The inspiring images, the frightening images,

images from the unknown.

Voices of your mother telling you you’re not allowed to be happy,

voices of your partner weighing down the feathers of freedom you hardly won.

The pain, that one that you want to go away.

They all crawling like a drop on night’s moist, making their way to a no destination.

They all belong to this perfection of the moment, right now.

And all of this, is not wrong.

All of this is not you.

All of this is a movement of life.

You are not wrong to feel no matter what you feel.

You are not wrong to need, no matter what you need.

You are never wrong to be who you are, no matter who you are.

Let all melt in the embrace, in the merge of closeness and intimacy of being.

Shift the gaze to honest inner places, where Love shines through questions of existence.

And when you run out of love

I will breath and Love you.

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