Speaking Your Truth When You’re Afraid

Truth is soft like a feather. It protects you from getting wet in a storm, it keeps you warm in cold winter nights and it will always help you fly. But when we’re afraid — of losing love, being ridiculed, seeming unknowledgeable — fear tells us “not now, speak next time”. And just like that we move into a crippling silence. Meditation made me fall in love with silence. The one that speaks for truth. The one that sings sweet voices of freedom in spite of being veiled by troubling thoughts. The one that teaches us how to speak when it’s needed. More than ever, we live now in times that our voices are necessary. A time when not knowing how to speak the truth only deepens our wound, dividedness

Why I Wrote A Book About You

“I dream and the dream breaks the dream forgives its brokenness but the broken ones never let go of the dream” Gu Cheng Some dreams we hold very very tightly. Others we might forget in a secret drawer because we don’t believe they will ever find a life. Some dreams take us through a sharp unexpected turn while others are not even ours, but are inherited from people in our lives we considered as ‘knowing better’. There are short dreams and long dreams, yet we can dream only a single dream at a time, just as we can breathe only one inhalation at a time. There comes a point, after holding the shards of a broken vase, trying to fill it with water and watching it leak more and more over time, tha

The Compromises You Cannot Make Often Lead to Your Initiation

I thought that something was wrong Because everybody kept on asking me what’s missing, What’s gone wrong?! I didn’t think that anything had gone wrong. It sounds complicated but it’s Very simple: Even though You’re not making enough money or you don’t have a partner or can’t move your career to a point you know it can thrive or haven’t found yet the group of your belonging that won’t judge you for being who you are You know that in spite all that it’s not because something’s wrong. You know that it’s not because you’re not doing the right things or not doing enough. You know It’s not because something’s missing or that you’ve failed to play the game. There are compromises you just can’t make

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