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The Compromises You Cannot Make Often Lead to Your Initiation

I thought that something was wrong

Because everybody kept on asking me what’s missing,

What’s gone wrong?!

I didn’t think that anything had gone wrong.

It sounds complicated but it’s

Very simple:

Even though

You’re not making enough money

or you don’t have a partner

or can’t move your career

to a point you know it can thrive

or haven’t found yet

the group of your belonging

that won’t judge you

for being who you are

You know

that in spite all that

it’s not because something’s wrong.

You know

that it’s not because you’re not doing the right things

or not doing enough.

You know

It’s not because something’s missing

or that you’ve failed to play the game.

There are compromises you just can’t make

and your heart is telling you

Babe, this game is not your game

this compromise is not yours to make.

You just know

that your soul is asking you to grow

with her through this hardship,

through this moment in time

when it seems like you hit a stop sign.

You know that it’ll be ok

and even when people tell you you’re an optimist,

you fear that they’re right

but you also know that there’s nothing

wrong with that.

So your focus shifts to finding the right answers

when people ask you ‘why is it happening?’

and ‘have you tried (this and that)?’

or ‘if it worked before how come it isn’t working now?’.

And you start by giving them

reasonable answers.

To not sound too odd when you say

‘it’s ok. I’m on the path’

when you’re actually struggling to pay the bills.

And your answers

shifts to name all the things

you’ve tried so they don’t think you’re lazy,

stupid or god forbid a failure.

But inside you cramp a bit

because you know it has nothing to do

with that.

You and your soul

are not the kind

to compromise

on a life path.

You know,

you just

know everything is alright

even when your life is not where

you want it to be. Even far from it.

But then

comes the moment

when you don’t answer anymore.

You simply smile at their questions

and your soul gives you a mischievous wink back.

You rest.

You breathe.

You know what you need to do.

Even in the most difficult times

your heart doesn’t falter.

And one day the shift happens.

Everything falls into place.

Like all those rain drops

that gathered one by one

and meandered towards the waterfall

to surrender

to the big ocean that they call home.

They knew there is no difference

between being a drop and being an ocean.

It’s all being. It’s all love.

It’s all love.


Shelly's helping people who live

Engaged and connected life

and want to deal with challenging feelings

while deepening their

self-trust & expression


Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

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