Don't Give Up On Yourself Just yet

I know it’s hard. Feelings seem to weigh on you Like heavy stones in your bag. It’s hard to find a falling leaf When the wind blows hard And the streets are gushing with People whose eyes are lamps with no light. But don’t give up just yet. I know. It feels empty Without friends who seem To get you Or a life that makes sense. You’re not sure You’ve made the right mistakes Yet you’re more afraid to admit You didn’t choose to chase the right Calling leaf. Perhaps face the bitterness Of regrets. Still, don’t give up just yet. You should have probably Spoken when your words Simply stopped in your throat. Fear is etched ever since On your vocal cords When you’re trying

Things You Can Do When Something’s Missing

It was a relatively gloomy day. Not one of those days that call you to “come outside”. And yet I felt that Neshama was pulling me by my hand, saying “c’mon, I need some fresh air”. So we went to the old town, walked around the cobbled streets and the houses with big windows that create in your mind dreams about rooms flooded with light and big spacious dining tables. We searched for a spot with atmosphere. Such that calls both you and Neshama (because honestly, when she knows what she wants there’s no arguing). We found a green wooden bench planted between two boulevard trees and a stone fountain with a dolphins spitting water into a small well. Dressed in a warm woolly coat and wrapp

The Love That Can Never Be Shared

Don't believe everything that passes through your mind. But please believe the feelings that are crying for your attention in your heart. Being only positive is toxic. But being only negative will pain your heart pitch black. Drawing a boundary is not a border. If you end up pushing people and feelings away from your life, your work is not yet done. Listening to your needs is not being needy. But if you don't listen to your needs you will become needy. The Love that can never be shared is the one you didn't have for yourself in the first place. Being is a subtle spot between too much and too little. Listen deeply and open your heart at all times. Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

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