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Don't Give Up On Yourself Just yet

I know it’s hard. Feelings seem to weigh on you Like heavy stones in your bag. It’s hard to find a falling leaf When the wind blows hard And the streets are gushing with People whose eyes are lamps with no light. But don’t give up just yet. I know. It feels empty Without friends who seem To get you Or a life that makes sense. You’re not sure You’ve made the right mistakes Yet you’re more afraid to admit You didn’t choose to chase the right Calling leaf. Perhaps face the bitterness Of regrets. Still, don’t give up just yet. You should have probably Spoken when your words Simply stopped in your throat. Fear is etched ever since On your vocal cords When you’re trying to say I’m a falling leaf. But you can’t give up just yet. Because as long as You’re writing this Or reading this Or whispering this silently in the Chambers of your soul; As long as your heart is gasping for free air Your breath knows The route To an untold story Where all leaves fall Die Dissolve Into trees with trunks and fruits. So perhaps You’ll give up later. But first, Turn on the volume Of that small part in you That knows a bigger life. Turn the music on and let Yourself dance wild and blindfold. Sing the notes of the one That somehow Hasn’t given up. Perhaps there is medicine In the honesty of this loneliness. Perhaps there is innocence Hidden in this pain. Perhaps there is poetry In all the non existing things That somehow live In each breath.

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