Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart to the edge of freedom Through the valleys of sadness Over the rocks of anger. Follow your heart sit on green meadows of calmness while you’re bitten by flies of heavy thoughts. Follow your heart to the arch of a rainbow Through the colours of bliss and the colourless moments Through the clouds of confusion Over the shiny rays of rapture. Follow your heart when its voices are clear and when they’re veiled with fear, when they come unexpected playing old familiar tunes of tired feelings and dreams. Follow your heart because your heart will never lie on its way to show you that whatever choices you make in life you are always pure love. The thing

What If You Knew What Is The Most Vulnerable Experience You Can Have

I set on the grass in my garden yesterday afternoon. The sun was very pleasant and the bees were soothing my busy mind by flying gently from one purple flower to another. I drank my milky tea and simply enjoyed the silence and nothingness. I was happy. My cat jumped on the kitchen widow seal that watches over the garden. I looked at him and thought how much I love him. In seconds my mind was busy with a story of how my cat falls of the window, hurts himself, I’m suffering for his pain, I need to rush him to the hospital …. Did it happen to you ? That you’re just enjoying yourself, feeling content or happy and then, boom, your mind smacks your happiness with some horrendous story of devast

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