What's Your Story?!

A dear woman, I’ll call her Elinore, told me about how when her good friend died of an illness, quite suddenly, it seemed like she had vanished from the face of the earth not leaving much behind her. Her room-mate called Elinore saying that if she was not going to come and pick up her art, he would just take it out to the street. Her family, who lives abroad, was able to get to her death-bed only a week before her departure. Basically in time to pick up her ashes and spread them on the beach she most liked to visit. The stories of death in our lives always (I hope so!) make us think about life. Do you know where the lady who passed away lives on? She lives on in the stories! She lives on in

I'm Sorry

I’m sorry. Not an easy word to say. Not an easy word to hear. But if you live in this world and are involved in relationships at some point or another you’re bound to hurt or get hurt, bound to use it or hear it. Words are more than vehicles. They are meeting points. Sorry is one of those important words in life that have been ironed out of their depth and beauty. Like love. Like leadership. In my private practice, I hear many telling me “I don’t need their sorry, it doesn’t mean anything…” ‘I'm sorry’ is a powerful cleanse that allows you to create a new meeting place. When I say I’m sorry to someone I hurt I say it with full intention - and with no ‘BUT’. I’m sorry but…. and giving some ki

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