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You Are A Gift

Behind my house, three minutes‘ walk away, a river flows. Almost every afternoon I go to see the heron where he stands sentinel-still in the water, hunting supper.

Two days ago I was on my usual round down by the river — left over the wooden bridge, right along one field, left across others — and I was preoccupied with thoughts.

I had recently decided to step back from something that is very dear to my heart. I can’t yet speak about it. Too fresh and vulnerable. But the decision is born and with it comes some doubt.

Am I really doing the right thing? Shouldn’t I be trying a bit longer in the old way?

As guilt started creeping in, fearing that I’m robbing Robert of his freedom with my decision, my legs suddenly stopped.

The field had just been ploughed: the worms were exposed. A flock of a dozen storks and about twenty crows were gleefully feasting.

Above, the Autumn painted fervent colours in the sky: loving pink and candy blue.

And me, realising the beautiful gift I was being given. All of this was given to me without any doubt. Just nature and life unfurling into beauty. I only needed to open my eyes instead of getting swept away by the trance of the mind.

The earth beneath me wild and ready, creamy skies above. The colourful scene in front of me engulfed the guilt and doubt.

In the pre-dusk moments I realised this — we’ve left the nest of community, neglected the womb of nature, to cultivate an idea that we can do it alone. Without the echo of one another to reflect back to us how beautiful we are, how much our gifts are needed in the cauldron of humanity and nature, we’re left to reaffirm ourselves in severance. This is the seeding-bed of doubt.

You are a gift. Your life is a gift.

True connection guides us back home to ourselves.


I’ve witnessed hundreds of times with my coaching clients and meditation students how these heart-to-heart conversations undo old wounds, dissolve stuckness and uncover a wealth of inner peace and trust.

If you want to have that experience, I'll be teaching you how in my upcoming workshop: You’re welcome to join us.

Self-Doubt Detox

Life Alignment coaching & meditation workshop

In my amazingly beautiful new place in Zurich (see it here).

October 24th 09:30 - 13:30

In this workshop you’ll:

  • Get into an extremely nourishing and relaxed place where you don't have to fight with self-trust

  • Learn few tools to make an easy transition from self-doubt to self-trust

  • Discover what makes you get caught in self-doubt and how to avoid it

  • Feel good about yourself!

This is for you if:

  • Trusting your inner voice and needs is not smooth or easy

  • You know you can get caught in self-doubt, indecision, hesitancy, and wish to move out of those habit

  • You're intrigued by the possibility of living your life, going about your work or be in relationships from a place of inner security and confidence in your choices.

Participation is based on pay-from-the-heart. When you sign up you’ll be asked to pay 30CHF to keep your spot. This is non-refundable when cancelling less than ten days before the workshop, unless someone else takes your spot.

Space is limited to 10 people.

To save your spot, click the button below.


Shelly helps women who live a connected, engaged life when they feel stuck in relationships or with their vocational life because their needs are downplayed or they're confused about the next step, and want to be a full & authentic expression of themselves.

Learn more about Life Alignment


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