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How to Know You’re Ready and Ripe

In the summer we travel to our family home in Italy to pick the fruit from the trees.

There’s a satiating sense of richness when I’m absorbed in diving into the lushness of a tree.

I decided to start with the yellow plum tree behind the old stone bread oven.

Quickly I realised that the tree first needed to be rescued from the brambles and the ivy that were suffocating it.

Thick, thorny canes shot straight up between the branches of the plum tree, clawing at my hands. They were adamant about growing toward the light, and in so doing they cast their shadow over the ripe plums that rested on the branches like dusted pearls.

I got most of the brambles out of the way only to discover that an ivy had wrapped itself intricately around the trunk and limbs of the poor plum in a tenacious, sticky grip.

It made me think how similar this is to the way we wrestle our inner gifts from the overgrowth of old habits and limiting beliefs.

When we let things just be without taking care of the well-being of the environment within, we discover that most of our fruits don’t just unravel themselves of their own accord, but are caught in a thorny frustration, the tenacious grip of old habits or a suffocating screen of sticky beliefs.

Often our ripeness is present but covered by the clutter of a neglected pain we’re too afraid to touch because we think its barbs will sting us

Sometimes you’re just not sure whether you’re ripe to heal the mother wound.

It sounds counterintuitive because who wouldn’t want to feel free from the pain left by their relationship with their mother? But the way habits swirl around the limbs of our vision for ourselves asks us to take another approach.

If I had moved quickly between the brambles in order to just get rid of them—as most tend to do with their plans and wishes—I’d just get bruised.

Instead, I had to move gently, and take care of my safety and the safety of the plum fruits and branches.

In the same way, I approach the healing of the mother wound—slowly, gently and safely finding the openings in a woman’s heart and psyche that will give her the permission to reach out with her hand easily and pick scrumptious fruits that can otherwise be just guarded or even forgotten.

I offered a workshop last week that was very emblematic of my approach to healing the mother wound. This is what Sunniva had to say about it:

"I have been to many workshops on and offline and know the feeling too well when my body stays on guard, because I did not feel safe. There have been times when I did not listen to my body and opened up, only to be shamed or even traumatised for my vulnerability.

Soft and Expanded!! that’s how I felt after Shelly‘s online workshop.

Shelly has a true gift and the capacity to create a safe and compassionate space. In only a short time I felt my nervous system relax and felt a connection and compassion with the other women present.

I entered into a new sphere of awareness of my own story and history, I had a feeling of celebration and love for how I have grown.

All thanks to Shelly‘s guidance, wisdom and vulnerability to be purely present with a group of women longing to embrace and heal on a truly authentic and grounded level.

I perceive Shelly as mindful and soft in her presence, not shying to be raw and honest. She has an aura of competence and assertiveness which shines through in her ability to hold and guide a group of women on their healing journey.

Thank you Shelly!!

Sunniva Maria, Naturopath, Catalyst and cacao lover


Are you ready to join the coaching group for healing the mother wound?

It is probably a question you are pondering as I share with you so much about it.

I want to help you make a satiating decision. One that can go beyond old habits and limiting beliefs, to reach the delicious gifts of healing the mother wound.

There are three steps I bring to every meeting with my clients to help them make decisions:

1. What is your heart calling for—when you ask your heart what it wants it will be able to easily say it.

2. What's in the way—Familiar voices that stand in the way are a sign of limiting beliefs and old habits. Their nature is minimising, belittling, criticising and generally negative and puts you down.

3. How can you strengthen the other voice—When you name a voice as ‘familiar’ you’re able to put it aside and begin to hear another voice whose nature is heart-opening, smile-bringing, hope-infusing and mostly connected to your well-being wishes for your self.

I want you to have the same access to relaxing your nervous system, the tools to cut through scattering beliefs and clear pathways to the knowledge that enables an embodiment of your desired presence in your private and public life.

Here are some of the themes we’ll explore through experiencing, in the same soft, safe and deep approach in the WOMEN OF WHOLENESS coaching group:

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Attachment styles

  • Creating safe connections

  • Dismantling triggers

  • Processing charged feelings such as anger, frustration and sadness

  • Using your voice to shine

  • Freeing yourself from the inner critic and imposture syndrome

  • Setting boundaries with ease

  • Stepping into healthy relationships

If you heard a yes in your heart for the coaching group and have some form of a ‘but’ or a question, you're invited to get in touch and have a chat.

I’m aware that these calls have been used as a pressure cooker by mainstream marketers, but if you know me some you can be confident that I want what’s best for you and for me both.

There are 5 spots left and the early-bird date is 3 days away, August 11th.


Here's a recap of the main details :


Ongoing healing the mother wound coaching group

  • Starting September 5th

  • Early-bird, Aug 11th, gives you an extra bonus workshop on working through triggers

  • An intimate group of eight women (5 spots left)

  • Meeting bi-monthly, Mondays 18.00-19.30 CET

  • Two special workshops with guests within the six month

  • Attractive rates for this round of launching—pay monthly or in one payment

  • A commitment of six months of participation is required, to avoid the sense of revolving doors

  • Access to a private resource page packed with meditations and guided materials and videos

  • Access to me via email for coaching questions on the go

  • A safe environment with like-hearted women


Healing the mother wound coaching group

Shelly’s helping women on a journey of healing the mother wound who are dealing with the ways it limited their sense of self, relationships or the success of their calling and want to reach deeper levels of healing and step into their wholeness

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