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Getting Rid of Self-Judgment so You Can Return to Love

Love cannot come out of judgment

but ironically judgment

always stems out of love

When Nora came to me she was after a year-long break, a comma between a decade of submitting herself to hard work on a family business and the new career she wanted to embark on.

Nora knew she wanted to be of service, that her new path would have to do something embodied. She knew she was going to do something that would contribute to the well-being of people and the nurturing of the planet.

She knew she would not sacrifice her health for work, that she would weave in the spiritual practices she’s acquired in the past years. She knew quite a lot — but, she didn’t know what this new career would be and how to clear the path that will take her there.

At first I thought “how the hell am I going to help her?! I’m not a business coach!”; “I don’t tell people what to write on the wrapping paper or what to call themselves.”

I listened quietly to this familiar voice. It always tells me what I lack and incapable of. If I had listened to it, you’d find me under a broken street-bench looking like a scruffy, hungry cat with my tail between my legs.

As I listened to Nora’s dream I began looking for the the burial sites that held her assets captive. Because if she knew so much about her abilities, direction and the qualities she possessed, what was stopping her?!

Her story began as soon as she finished college and was ready to bite into life’s juicy fruits, when her father came with a proposition to get into a family business.