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Do You Also Yearn for Trust, Belonging and Love?

Trusting in the moment brings us to new human adventures. But that requires letting go and a willingness to discover.

In my work as a Life Alignment coach and a meditation teacher I often meet three very common human yearnings—

To have trust (in oneself or others)

To feel a belonging

To be able to freely love (ourselves or others)

I love this triangle. I struggled with all three for a long while.

When I couldn’t allow others to support me as they wanted to I lacked the trust that letting go of my guards would not expose me to vulnerability, being seen to be weak, irreparable hurt, and, perhaps the worst, abandonment. Oh to finally open your precious heart to someone and be left without their presence is a risk an untrusting mind can’t take.

And when I push myself to work just a little bit more at the end of an already busy day, or squeeze some creative writing when my well is dry and empty, I lack the trust that rest will give me more than I have the courage to ask.

But trust is, after all, not something we need to find, build, gather or fortify.

Gentleness. Tenderness. Kindness. These are the soul-food a trusting mind and heart feast on. Moment by moment we let go of the effort to get somewhere, to achieve something worthy, while each soft touch revives our well of trust.

Often people complain that as soon as they sit to meditate they remember all the things left unfinished, and feel the urge to get up and take action. It is a release of fresh energy mistakenly labelled as distraction.

The mind Loves silence. In the silence it rocks itself like a troubled child trying to find the rhythm of rest. It leans into its natural wisdom.

This non-doing posture you embrace allows you to witness how much energy you have. If you resist that urge a little and save up this energy, experience it travelling through your body without an end destination, you will find yourself in the hands of trusting yourself and life

The longing to be grows from trust as an apple from a seed and a day from the sun.

I used to pride myself for saying I don’t need to belong. That I’m a lone wolf. So afraid I was of showing myself as I was that I cast a story to glorify my shrivelled sense of self.

But wolves actually live in packs, taking care of each other, reminding one another what it is they care for.

And when I fear using my voice, when I don’t tell the other what I need in order to feel seen I cut the umbilical cord of my soul.

How can we feel we belong if we push our own nature aside, condemning ourselves for not being like our icons of comparison.

When people tell me they feel very calm and peaceful when they meditate but can’t seem to bring the same qualities when they’re triggered at work, with their family or partners, I ask them to check if they’re not using mindfulness as a shield to create a bubble of uninterrupted glow.

When they see the contraction, the hesitant contact with painful sensations, the defence against unwelcome thoughts, they discover a door that not only closes but knows how to open to that which nourishes our interconnectivity and the solid knowing—that we too belong.

Love, my dear friend, becomes only a natural flow.

Love that shimmers is a harvest of infinite possibilities for you, me and us to take our seat by the fire in the heart.

Check in with yourself for a moment, perhaps even close your eyes, and witness the movements of your mind—is it searching for trust, questing for belonging, yearning for love, all in their infinite manifestations?

This is the medicine I wish to share with you. You will find this in the course

The Healing Powers of Mindfulness

Finding resources for renewal

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Shelly Sharon is helping those who know their gifts and strength lie in their life story and wounds, yet after all their efforts they don't seem to live that reality to the full and want to learn how to deepen their self-trust, expression and presence in there world.

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