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Forgiveness & forgiving. The depth of Hello. The presence of pain.


is a fleeting moment

of arriving here

with openness and innocent readiness to meet.

Forgiveness is a result of forgiving. It’s the result of a continuum of actions practicing the meanings, the deeds, the thoughts, the feelings of Being forgiving. The art of forgiveness starts with taking an action.

One of the yoga teachers I love, Mirjam Haymann, keeps on reminding us in class that wobbling in poses that require balance is part of the process. “Don’t be afraid to wobble,” she says.

But we don’t want to be wobbling, we’re not comfortable being shaky and uncertain. We much prefer to have an answer than to be answering - to be in an active continued effort of answering instead of an accomplished state of answer. Definite. Knowable. So we can move on.

Where are you wobbly in your life now? Where do you pretend you’re not wobbly? Where would you rather be poised than wobbly?

Pain doesn’t allow us to move on so easily. Be it emotional or physical pain, it keeps us more present than not.

Hello to the moments that lead to Being.

In a Wild Heart group meditation I led last week we focused on forgiveness. There is so much to be said and explore around forgiveness. But I was inspired by a book by Padraig O Tuama, where he makes such an inspiring use of Hello as a repetitive calling to come Here.