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When You’re Lost, Do This.


Take a deep breath, preferably sit on a bench in the fresh air or on the naked earth.

When you’re lost, the slower you can go, the faster you’ll find your way back.

And then again. Stop.

And now that you’re a bit more back in your body, when you’ve stopped believing the thought that tells you you’re not enough, or you haven’t done it right, or you’re not where you want to be fast enough, when you’ve stopped believing these thoughts that separate you from yourself — you can see how tender your are.

Soft like young plumage on a dove’s neck;

like the hand of the wind

like the breath of a wave.

You can hear what voices are calling you back. Even when you’re lost. You just need to slow down so the voices of being lost can be brought into the sanctuary of the voices of now.

When you’re lost

you don’t need to get anywhere

but simply remember

what’s worth remembering

and then take it deep in with the next inhale.


Sometimes feeling lost is such a sweeping experience that it’s really precious to have the support of an experienced guide. Someone who meets you where you are. If you’ve been wondering whether I could be that guide, I have 2 spots coming free in my Life Alignment coaching.

If you are hesitating or are not sure whether this can help you deepen your self-trust, heal old wounds, come out of confusions or discover how to live more freely in your own skin — get in touch.

I offer a free call to help you understand how Life Alignment can work for you. It’s no secret that I make my living out of helping people like you, but this free call is not a trap: it is an opportunity to see if we have a heart-to-heart connection and find it joyful to walk a piece of life together.


Shelly's helping women who live a connected & engaged life to heal old wounds, deepen their self-trust so they can be an authentic expression of themselves.

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