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What Do You Do With Your Regrets?

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been visited by old wounds and reflections on events from the past.

The past week it was a surprising regret around the way I behaved with someone. It felt like I was possessed back then, not noticing the harm I was causing myself and the other person.

Like a star we’re spiralling through life lessons so our light can gain momentum and grow.

As always I sat to digest those intense feelings with meditation and writing and this is what I found:

Regrets can feel like a stain on your heart. The temptation to keep playing the narrative of what you did wrong is strong. Like when you're trying to rub a stain on your short and only make it worse.

Resisting this temptation and staying with the pang of regret you’ll see that at the heart of regret there’s a seed of desire to witness your deep unfulfilled needs.

Maybe it was the seed of being seen. But you went about it, like I did, in the wrong way. You were willing to be satisfied with crumbs because the hunger was so big.

Maybe it was the seed of feeling worthy. But when you were gifted with a lump of money you felt uncomfortable in this new state of abundance, like I did, so you found ways to use it so fast you’re not even sure now what you spent it on.

To regret is to come back to something left undone. Regret offers us the chance to pick up those seeds equipped with a fresh perspective that will serve us better.