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The Paradox of Darkness

It is the paradox of spiritual growth and healing that leads you through dark tunnels, a wintery loneliness or a separation from a familiar, warm nest towards a hidden landscape that you would have never discovered otherwise.

The more salient question of our time is not ‘when will it be a good time to start [healing old wounds/crafting my dreams/filling in the blanks...]?’ But:

Who am I becoming when questions about my life are knocking on my door?

You see my love, you have already started. A long time ago.

Your journey undulates

Your questions temper you

from the inside

And the challenges of our time are not making it harder, only making the thresholds clearer.

Forgive everything that has abruptly stopped

Forgive your old self for not making decisions you only have the wisdom to make now

Forgive the world for its betrayal but also for its hunger

It is the destiny of your healing

to ignite as soon as questions

surface from your most valiant part

It is the destiny of forgiveness

to bequeath you a new breathing space


Shelly helps those who know their gifts and strengths lie in old wounds and reoccurring struggles, yet after all their effort they can't fully live that reality.

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