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The Paradox of Commitment

A seed’s commitment is to break through its shell and move towards the nutrients that feed its soul. The germination’s commitment is to break through the thickets of the earth, to take the risk of exposure on its way to wind and sun. The sprout’s commitment is to fulfil its true nature by giving voice to its colours, rhythm and presence in the world.

Our only commitment is to the parts in us that ask to grow and find a meaningful expression. These are the seeds that grow from our heart to meet true freedom.

We want assurances that our commitment will flower, but the risk of committing is not another bargain to be struck: it is an act of love.

From my own life I’ve learned that before knowing myself as a writer, before receiving the countless touching messages about how my writing lands in another’s heart, I had to commit to the blank page. Often without knowing what, if anything at all, I had to express.

The young part in us that kicks against commitment in the name of freedom is the part that kicks at artificial barriers put down around our authentic expression.

This is the source of our confusion. We don’t want to enslave our wholeness to contours drawn by others, so we kick. It’s not commitment we’re refusing. It’s habit, it’s trauma, it’s obedience, it’s giving up, it’s fear that our subtle body rejects.

Commitment is not the opposite of freedom. The paradox of commitment is that freedom flows in its veins.

Commitment, cum-mittere, to bring together, expresses an act of unifying parts.

Ask yourself — what do I want to bring myself together with? Infuse that seed with intention. Let it breathe through this intention. Let it embrace the feeling of the heart and the clear sight of the mind.

After all, freedom comes from wisdom and wisdom comes from commitment the way a fruit comes from the tree and the tree comes from engaging deeply with roots anchored in the belly of the earth.


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