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New Year Blessings for YOU

My wish for you this year

is that you choose yourself

that you commit to yourself,

and let me tell you what I mean.

May you unfetter your present feelings

from the stories of the past—

last year, last month, last time you felt happy or sad—

so you can be free to answer

a more mythical calling

that doesn’t let go of you.

You see, the vernacular of hope

is one of transition.

Hope is a white canvas

you can pin on almost anything—

motivations, intentions, visions and aspirations.

Only the colours of expected outcomes

cannot absorb into the sheets of hope.

May you keep transitioning

on the pastures of fresh growth.

Sometimes the mirror you’re looking at is broken.

Sometimes it’s stained or blurred

or partially missing.

May your sight be a valiant

commitment to the invisible view

of your needs, your feelings, your dreams.

At some point we all need to

decide what’s more important—

to feel heroic for refusing the help we need

or feeling joyful and nourished by any means.

May your heart be free

to ask

to receive

to embrace your vulnerability.

May you be free from the fear

that easing down will annihilate you,

free from the urge to fabricate efforts just to be able

to compete with the relentless

forward movement of life.

May your drive serve the beauty

cascading from life into death into life,

your motivation an adulation

of breathing into becoming.

May you remember,

especially in the wee small hour of loneliness,

that pain is an unfinished story,

that success’ veins are too narrow

for the failings in life,

that a day’s forgiveness

always finds its way to the quiet heart.

May you tend with tenderness

the garden of yourself

so the fruits of your sharing

carry the joy, the love and

the beauty within them.

May you be free

to be big as you are,

without hiding a hair of your gleams,

free to shine the fullness of your presence

knowing you are liked

for the truth and integrity of your being.

May you make room at night

just before falling asleep

for your heart to be filled

with the silent laughter of the stars.

May you revise your definition

of love

365 times

and in doing so

witness how you change the world.


Shelly Sharon is helping those who know their gifts and strength lie in their life story and wounds, yet after all their efforts they don't seem to live that reality to the full and want to learn how to deepen their self-trust, expression and presence in there world.

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