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Must It Hurt ?!

When I go out on a journey there are three things I always take with me—my slippers, my favourite green tea and my writing notebook.

Three is a sacred number.

Three wishes

Three guesses

Three spells

As I slip my feet into my slippers I immediately feel at home, at Ease. The green tea nourishes my body and brings a sense of a trusted companionship, like the Moon. And my notebook allows my mind to find clarity and my heart to express its Wonder.

My book, Healing the Mother Wound, stepping into your wholeness opens with a chapter about three healing mindsets, where we shape our mind to be a conduit for unity, of infinite love.

I see repeatedly how helpful these three mindsets are for people on a journey that can sometimes be lonely, confusing, painful and disrupting before it becomes empowering, illuminating and inspiring.

Must it hurt to grow? we naively ask.

Must the road to the landscape of joy and love be painful? Isn’t there a way to spread the wings of wisdom without the stab of our torment?

We cannot enter the unknown by thinking our way forward. We must bring the body along too, our flesh blood and bones, if we are going to discover how it is really like to transition from the dark to the light.

Yes. It must hurt. Because pain is part of the human experience.

Yet it’s not just pain. But also pain. It’s not just joy but also joy. And also hope. And also disappointment. And also rage. And also forgiveness. And also expansion. And also contraction. And also inhalation and also exhalation.

It is a peacock’s tail with eyes wide open to the 360-degrees range of our lives.

I see how people avoid healing altogether, or get caught in loops in their healing process and fall into familiar holes because they did not receive guidance to help shape a mind that is willing to embrace this amazing, intricate, surprising pathway to becoming whole again. I also see how people whose mindsets incline towards healing alter forever their relationship-spaces with the life they have and the life that the want.

A road is a space held by the energy of intention of all the people who walked on it before. A space in the shape of a path with certain tasks and asks that walk you as much as you walk on it. It is shaped by the tears of excitement and frustration that dropped on its earth; the trees and bushes that supplied food and shelter for its pilgrims. It is shaped by dangers as well as treasures that rekindled the souls of its seekers; moulded by old selves that seared under uncompromising conditions and the refulgent selves that emerged from nurtured choices.

As you walk on the path of healing you might feel at first alone with your questions and the unknown destination. You might feel uncertain about your strength to meet again the ruins that are part of any ancient road. If you cannot be certain that your vulnerability as you travers a road of healing is the magical cloak that makes you visible to all things unseen, you can be certain that every soul that walked on this path before you held the same questions and the same fears, faced the same challenges and was met by the same choices. On the ancient pathways to healing you are held by the invisible steps of all those who journeyed here before you, carrying your heart-wishes as feathers carry the flight of a dove.” ~ excerpt from Healing the Mother Wound

The moonmind reflects its silvery light on the return to forgotten lessons and the visitation of past wounds so we too can bask in sacred meetings on the evergreen spiral of life. The wondermind helps us find the courage to abandon our chase after things that are absent and immerse in the fascination of what is. And the easemind is the old walking stick that guides us as if walking by itself on the road towards the unity with our true self.

Three is a sacred number.

Three is balance

Three is unity

Three is a middle

In this sacred day of transition from the darkest days towards light filled days (the solstice) joined by the grand conjunction between our future (Jupiter) and our past (Saturn) our body is called to be the conduit of presence.

Let it hurt

and let it go

Let it hurt

and let it bloom

Let it carry you

to the edges of holding back

where your wings

Instinctively spread wide to fly.

Set the eyes of your intentions

neither on light nor on darkness

But on the essence

that calls the name of your presence.

Set your intentions to be a culmination

greater the past that’s stored in your memory

and the future that’s crafted in fantasies.

Set your intentions for healing

to be the memory of your body

the song of your heart

and the gifts of your life


Shelly Sharon is helping those who know their gifts and strength lie in their life story and wounds, yet with all their efforts they don't live that reality to the full and want to learn how to deepen their self-trust, expression and presence in there world.

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Photo by Mithun Cp on Unsplash


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