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Let Your Vulnerability Speak and it’ll Tell You How to Find Your Strength

The sun finally declared ownership over the mid July sky after three weeks of rain. I took to the streets of Zurich town, to sit in Lindenhof garden where green-washed spires look on with a gruff indifference.

A few steps before my destination a fluttering shawl enveloped at my attention.

A plump woman. Sixty centimetres tall. Clasping her hands in front of her mouth which was open in excitement, or frightened surprise.

The Swiss artist, Denise, and her True Emotion ladies in clay want to expose their vulnerability and let it speak. On top of each lady’s head a small figurine gives full embodiment of the deepest feeling.

The one in the gallery window sat doubled over, her hands gesturing either despair or simply taking a break.

That is the nature of our vulnerability — it’s layered and malleable. And if you let it speak it will tell you not only how it can make you crack and break but mostly how you can become stronger and reach your belonging.

My art is the invisible one, where the hands of awareness using feelings and body motions to flesh out that raw potential that can be made into any form you feel to be your true expression.