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How Not Accepting Makes You More Alive

As it is necessary to open our heart in order to feel love, it is necessary to offer a safe home to the orphan pieces within us in order to feel whole.

You can never be lost. You can never get lost. When feeling lost, search for the orphaned, abandoned experience within you.

Like a mosaic of shards and fragments, our awakening is a collection of inner parts and experiences we once learned to silence, see as broken, and numbed out of experience because they hurt so much.

Whatever you cannot accept, in yourself or another, is a precious nascent energy that can lead you back home to yourself.

Follow this budding energy, where things not accepted has something else to offer instead—an integrity of the heart.

Only the heart knows how to make a shimmering garment out of neglected beads.

So if you cannot accept my love, listen to that voice of wisdom.

And instead, be a generous host that can reparent the lost child within and infuse with new life all that has been abandoned in our world.