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False and True Security

“The truth is, most of us discover where we are headed when we arrive”

~Bill Watterson

Our ideas and beliefs act like stepping-stones marking our way forward. Each step we take feels promising with these sturdy surfaces underneath our feet, their advance into the horizon like an elemental assurance of security.

But often I think of these stones more as crumbs we leave behind us as we walk away from our story of abandonment, still hoping we could go back and be cradled by those who’ve left us to labor for rehabilitated trust.

Only we don’t know that we’re on our way to feed a witch in the woodland of false habitats. There, while the fire of all-consuming greed turns false ideas of stability and security into dust we are gifted with the strength of self-trust, our true north compass, and our abandonment healed.

Ironically, trust —whether in ourselves or others, is the gift of arrival. It allows the world to come into us and then open the windows of our heart to let our ideas and dreams fly towards their destiny.

Trust is the gift of arrival.

After everything we’ve tried,

all the efforts invested,

all the failures along the way

that twisted our hands and forced them to let go,

and all the time we think we’ve wasted —