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Will you dare suggest a solution

I love going after my Saturday morning yoga to indulge on a hot cup of chocolate in the old city of Zurich. The place has a charm of an old Parisian theatre booth and I find myself often submerged in inspiring conversation with people I share my booth with as the place is very small and you have to squeeze in.

One such beautiful and not so cold after-yoga session I went for my favourite treat and found myself sitting outside since the place was totally packed. I was actually about to leave when a beautiful and gentle woman couldn't find space inside came to share the table with me.

I confess that people are my biggest fascination in this life. And I will always seize the opportunity to open up to a new human being. Naria (painful to change her real beautiful name but.. you know…)… Well Naria and I got into talking about yoga and life and change and travels and…. You can see we liked each other very much.

In one of our conversations we got into talking about the crazy changes the finance community is experiencing at work which is strongly felt in Zurich. Knowing what I do and about my course on Facing the Unknown in your work Naria suddenly turned to me. She had a determined sense about her posture and her honey colour eyes looked straight at me with fierce compassion and asked:

How do you dare bring a solution?

Now, I love good questions. But this, this was a question I had to “sit on” (it’s a meditators expression).

We face a lot of troubles, lies, difficulties and behaviours we deeply disagree with. And I bet you know how challenging, or even risky it is to dare and suggest a solution. A change of perception. A simplification. A new state of mind and art.

I only want to say this: If we don’t offer a solution, we are part of the problem!

Even taking on the victim's stance, protesting “this is not my fault, I didn’t create this situation”, you are part of the problem.

The only way to change is to shift from an unconscious victim to a player and play the game. Playing the game is about raising your voice and pointing to that which matters.

And why do we do that? Not because we want to have likes to our posts, or clients to our work, or success stories, not even because it’s “the right thing to do”.

Dare to suggest a solution because you have no real other choice.

Art by Flora Borsi

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