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How to be yourself

"It is craft, after all, that carries an individual's ideas to the far edge of familiar territory." Mary Oliver Your ideas are much bigger, deeper, wider and more multi-dimensional than any technique can express. This is why it has to be - your way. This is why your way - will be full of questions and some doubts. This is why questions and doubts defy techniques. Youe questions shape your path towards concretising your ideas, like a craft. I want you to break the forms, abandon your techniques and let go of the pretences. Because I want you to be yourself. Techniques give you opinions instead of options. When you break the forms you have inhabited for many years you might feel lost. You think you are lost. But in fact you are in a familiar territory. We can depart always and only from home. From the base. And what lies next is the flashing light of your ideas. You can sense your ideas. You can feel them, visualise them. And you can choose to follow them like chasing fire-flies in a dark garden. Let yourself fall into the waiting arms of your big ideas. Because we need more lovers, more leaders, more innovators, path-pavers, room-makers, space-takers, visionaries and 'inspirationaries'. We have enough of all the rest! I want you to craft your life with total emotional freedom.

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