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The tension between your search and your passion

"I start with artistic dedication. I know that if the spirit is on you it will touch on to the other human receptors. But I dare not begin from the other side." Leonard cohen There's a lot of confusion in the air. Many people are carrying meaningful questions, splitting questions, persisting questions. It is a new year and it starts with a blaze of fire. You feel the urge to do some courageous things but you also feel restless, disturbed, unsettled. Maybe all of this doesn't speak to you all. (Does it ?) A new beginning happens where we cross a threshold. We cross an invisible line that makes a significant change between the inner land we stand on now and the new landscape we'll see beyond that threshold. This new can be something very small. Often times it'll be so small or abstract you will simply miss it. Or dismiss it. A new form of speech where you bring your ideas more clearly. Solidly. A new insight that just before it forms into an action it settles a question you've carried, an inner confusion, an unexplainable restlessness. So you see, the new appears out of a powerful conversation with the present. A new beginning is a conversation born from the tension between your confusion/search and your passion. I, like beloved Leonard Cohen, start from artistic dedication. What are you making as your stating point?

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