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New Lunar Cycle - Scorpio

11.11.2015 - 10.12.2015

The Scorpio loves going down to the depth and discover the truth. It brings an energy of intuitive and sensitive stability.

This cycle pulls us down to places where truth resides. Those places which are invisible to the eye but very much felt. These places are not concrete in their essence but certainly are expressed in tangible ways through us.

This Scorpio cycle opened up with the illuminating energy of 11:11 and it invites us to make sense of this illuminating force by leading a life of honesty and full of passion. This energy gate will do nothing if you don't do it yourself!

It's a powerful energy which asks us to shack off of any manipulative and oppressive structures and understand that -

What's not suppose to work - cannot be fixed!

The soul-question I've posed for this cycle is:

What is you personal power? How much do you use it in a conscious way ?

Each one of you has one brilliant shining power, from which all your talents and capacities derived. Do you know how to identify this power? How to use it to create your life or do you move in a mechanical way of doing more and more work?

In order to break through survival loops, to break through oppression cycles, we must build personal and collective sustainable structures. Building that which support to work rather than constantly needing of mending.

This cycle is illuminating your personal power and the gifts you came with to this life. How much did you use these gifts so far?

Saturn, the master builder of sustainable life structures, has been with Scorpio for the past couple of year, but now it has moved on. This allows us to flow more easily with the new beginnings of a new cycle and also enjoy the fruits of your past two year's labor. The personal passion and vitality has been suppressed for far too long where this cycle is claiming back the things you are passionate about in life, to drive you to a fulfilled life.

If you want to understand more how this energy illuminates your life in a personal manner and how to utilise the energies to achieve fulfilment - knowing what has a new beginning for you, what ends - you can ask for a personal lunar guidance.

The most important part in a new moon is to understand which life areas receive the new energy that comes with a new moon cycle - work, family, money, spiritually, travels, sex, children, health etc. - so you can focus your attentions, intentions and efforts according to the sky stories (planet's transitions) brewing up especially for you, according to your astrological chart.

By ordering the personal lunar guidance you will receive as well the recording of the Moon Tea Leaf event, which will give you a detailed information about the energies of this cycle and mediations for intention setting.

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