“Miracles are not contrary to nature but only contrary to what we know about nature. ”

St. Augustine


Personal guidance based on Saturn in your chart

Everybody feels and reads about the structural changes in our lives. Political, societal and economical changes are happening at an accelerating pace, even if not to your full satisfaction yet... There's a lot of movement. 


Saturn is the planet that's in charge of structural changes. He's providing frames and support, forms and shapes and - most importantly - he tells you which patterns don't work anymore, what patterns are not sustainable and supporting independence. 


At the same time as earth started experiencing changes in its electromagnetic field, Saturn started to be more active. 


On the personal level, Saturn tells us about what I call "the qualities that furnish our inner home". How does your inner structure looks like? What are its qualities that shape your personal patterns? Those qualities are what you are most appreciated for and both what you are most judged for - if you're not aligned with


Personal guidance from Saturn brings together channelled information together with astrological knowledge revealing a fascinating story on global changes, making personal connections worth noticing and allowing you to shape inner structures that are fulfilling, supportive and above all sustainable.

Saturn Personal Guidance


IMPORTNANT - If you do not know your time of birth please contact me before purchase!


GUIDANCE SENT VIA EMAIL 48 HOURS FROM PAYMENT, not including weekends and holidays. There are no refunds after payment


After making the payment please use the form to fill in your personal information.

Taste from what others say about the guidance 


"I'm still so excited by the depth of your guidance. 

Giving a home to my heart echoed, I cried so much!!!

Your guidance shed light inside on unsupportive structures for the home in my heart"


"Thank you so much for the guidance... It's truly fascinating!"


"I read your guidance for abundance and I was so touched, when I read it the first time I felt its accuracy and connection to my vision"


"The last guidance you sent me surprised me in its accuracy. You wrote to me that I might go on a journey - either physically or spiritually - I went on both... I was exposed to so many new things just as you wrote"


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