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What Is the Mother Wound and Why I Write About It

It was a cold evening at the beginning of 2020 as I stepped out of my car heading towards yoga class while saying a few last words on a call with my best friend. At that moment, completely out of context, I sensed the penetration of the idea that I needed to write this book. But why this book in particular about the mother wound?

Sometimes you look at something for hours, maybe even days or years, until you see the image surfacing up into its fulness. That is the journey of our life and the fractal journeys within it. And this is the journey of women nursing the image of fulness in a patriarchic capitalistic society.

At that moment when the insight about the book surfaced up I felt pierced by the fire of creation. I was consumed by the voices of all the women who had crossed my path over the past two decades, depositing with me their stories, their dreams, their soul yearning for healing. I could see the image of the mother wound surging from behind the waves of lack of trust, hampering, shrivelling any sense of adequacy, desiccating voices that struggle to express what they need and want free from shame or guilt.

The mother wound

is a wound in a woman’s emotional body,

created by a constant lack of support

or genuine appreciation

for her true nature.

Coerced into minimising her presence,

robbed of her autonomy

and made to believe

that her vulnerable magnificence

has no space, she has learned how to step out

of her fulness.