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How to Release Your Pressure

It feels so intuitive to squeeze ourselves into a form of being that seems to be the right way for appearing in the world.

I remember squeezing myself into very tight trousers when I was a teenager. Lying on the bed and breathing into the chest so my belly would disappear and I could finally close the zipper.

Did it matter I couldn’t breath when I stood up and started waking?

No. Appearance was more important.

The problem with me is that appearance matters for about 2 minutes before I say fuck it and take the trousers off to wear something that will allow me to breath again.

Way before I fell in love with the breath through meditation it was already there to teach me with her wisdom about the beauty of inner autonomy and what really matters.

Anything or anyone that makes your breath choke,




is only bringing pressure ,

not change,

not freedom,

not happiness.

I’m curious: what “trousers” are you trying to squeeze yourself into that stand in the way of you releasing the pressure?

Take them off.

Now. Don't you just feel better?!


Shelly's helping people who live

Engaged and connected life

and want to deal with challenging feelings

while deepening their

self-trust & expression

Photo by Nate Neelson on Unsplash

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