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Circles of Support

Letting go of everything that feels squeaky.

Holding a conversation with the

absence of the things you yearn for

and the presence of the loud experiences that exist.

When you stretch yourself

between presence and absence

you hear god

rhyming with your breath.

Finding yourself in everything

you touch on with your thoughts, feelings and words.

Tasting the essence of your being

and letting it melt into your soul.

Releasing yourself from the chains

you plait around yourself.

Wrapping your darkness with a blanket

dotted with heart’s truth.

Resting in the middle of the storm.

To be home in your wounded body,

finding peace with the way the day unfolds.

To be at home in your brittle heart

discovering the strength you forged,

that no one’s love

could have prepared you for,

when you learned how to

leave behind the smaller frightened parts

of you so you can take the step

to embody a bigger presence

with bigger questions

and more expansive views.

When you shift your focus

what matters to you shifts too.

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