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The Power Of An Open Heart

If you ever tried growing a tree from a seed you probably realised it’s not really possible. Perhaps you had a seed from a good apple or an apricot stone and you were inspire to put it in the ground and let it grow. Yet nothing happened.

Many trees don’t really grow from a seed. There’s a term that’s called grafting. You need to know how to make the right cut of the right brunch that will be carefully tended to grow into a new tree.

To our mind this sounds absurd. To cut a piece from a healthy or successful movement in our life in order to grow something new!

just like the tree, in order to grow we need to cut away something and give it new conditions. It’s the natural model of infinite giving. An organic system free from separation between one to another.

The heart can give where the mind goes into defence. The heart can open where the mind can see only contraction.

In times of crises learning what is the power of open heart could be the only thing that gives us the feeling we can get our head above water and breath again.



Shelly Sharon. Helping people who are deepening into their self trust and expression and want support to navigate through challenging feelings and life's question with deep sense of emotional freedom

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