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It's SAFE To Open Up To Your Pain

Your worst case scenario never happened

and probably never will.

Your fear doesn’t always lie. But when it does

it’s a big fat ugly one

that spins your spine around empty air

living you without ground.

And yet,

It is SAFE to open up to your pain.

To risk chasing hopes of freedom

than staying captive

in the imaginary prison

of fear.

The dark night of the soul can be pitch dark.

It’s where you’re likely to feel alone.

as If everyone abandoned you and only you

stayed behind to fight

the lords of darkness.

And yet,

It is SAFE to open up to your pain.

Light the candle of awareness

and witness how the day

rises above the island of separate self see the village right there with you.

When things don’t make sense,

when it seems like nothing really works,

when the past keeps on haunting you,

when you’re lamenting what have gone broken

make your anchor trusting in this:

There’s nothing wrong with you.

It is SAFE to open up to your pain.

Because at some point

the self-fixing project

has to switch to self-loving one.

This moment is NOW.

Your work has never been to figure things out.

The only work you can do is to

bring awareness to the most contracted space within

to open up to whatever pain

is consuming your inner rooms

and let it undo you,

let it dissolve you into an

open embracing heart.

There’s nothing safer than an open heart.

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

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