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Be Your Own Healer

Free space to explore and BE is the medicine your soul needs.

The deadlines you give yourself until which you Should feel better, get over the grief, stop crying, hurts your delicate soul.

You place your quest for new life, new purpose, new vision on a physical timeline and it keeps on slipping off to a timeline of its own.

You cannot tame your soul.

You cannot control the subtle energy of your being.

You can only be your own healer.

You can give yourself the freedom to BE what you need to be in the in-between zone.

Transformation has its own timeline.

It moves in a different density.

It lives by different rules.

It feeds on the freedom to make mistakes, to risk being foolish, to explore, to revisit the same wound how many times needed.

What you need is create a free field in your life to act on the drama, to cry out your pain, to get lost in not knowing, to grief the loss, to pray for a sign, to ache with your body, to release the anger, to expose your secret tears, to trust the confusion, to surrender to the gravity of your own healing process.

You are your own healer. The best healer you can find.

You now know no deadlines, no timelines when it comes to healing your own life.


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Photo by Rendiansyah Nugroho on Unsplash

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