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Befriending Your Emotional Pain Is Easier Than You Think

Your emotional pain has no map. It answers no rules of right or wrong. It moves like a river that knows where it must flow.

Here’s a life principle to consider:

You only need to do it once!

You only need to make that movement and turn towards the stream of your pain instead of turing your back to it. You only need to make this effort once and your inner spheres start to circle in the right direction.

Going against the stream of your own pain is painful. Flow with it and experience a huge relief.

Sarah was one of my Life Alignment clients. A very talented and strong woman. She has an extensive experience in yoga and meditation so spiritual teachings are not new to her.

When Sarah came to me she was in the midst of a big transition. She just lost a business she put her heart into. Technically speaking she could have made a living from her skills but she felt she can’t go back to the ways she used to work. A vision started to germinate but she had no clue how to let it grow. Family pressed with questions and criticism. A new love relationship was brewing and flushed out fears from previous relationships. Everything happened at the same time. And it felt like she’s falling apart.

I suggested to let it. Let it fall apart. And I add:

You only need to do it once.

Running from your pain you need to do over and over again. You can travel to the other side of the world and your pain will meet and greet you there. It’s the wisdom of no escape.

Without your pain you wouldn’t have met your soft parts

Without your pain you wouldn't have met your inner power

Without your pain you wouldn’t have invented yourself anew

Without your pain you wouldn’t have known for your self - what healing is.

Your pain is not against you. It works for you. Imagine it as a river that knows where it must flow and let your subtle energy, your feelings, your wise part flow with it. There’s no risk. It is safe to let your pain out and find it’s way to pour into a sea of tears and wisdom.

Befriending your pain is easier than you think. You only need to face. And you only need to do it once.


Photo by Adrien Converse on Unsplash

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